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A fun and cute app! But the price is a bit much. I can actually barley look at the app because i thought i bought it for 1.99 not 6.99.

Looked good but...

My kids are huge Mo Willems fans. This app looked like it would be really fun but I find it overpriced for what it does. It is cute but repetitive. In addition, we seem to keep having problems with it crashing in the drawing mode particularly when they try to do the drawing with Mo. This is the case on both the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 3G. Even if the bugs were fixed I would probably only give the app 3 stars because of the price.


My kids are convinced this is the greatest app ever. Repeatability is limited only by the kids imagination - theyve been playing for a week straight and are still killing themselves laughing. Stays very true to the spirit of the great pigeon books. We hope to see more from Mo (looking for knuffle bunny).

Fun, but missing interactivity and too short!


Pigeon Voice?

Great App! Im a big fan of pigeon! I just imagined his voice being different, thats all.

May be good for younger kids

Quality and nice looking game, would be good, but repetitive, for 3 y.o. Not for older kids. And even with the discount it is too much.

Fun apps

My 4 years old son loves it. But I think it worth only $2.99, not $5.99. Too expensive for such simple content. Hope they will add something new on next update.

To much money!!!!!!!

Why would they charge six dollars for this? 0.99 cents tops It should be free Dont waste your money.


Dont buy it! Terrible!

Great app

My students love this app. They enjoy creating their own pigeon stories. I like the three different levels so it works for students of all ability levels. I hope they make apps for more of Mos books. Id love an Elephant and Piggie app. Would have given 5 stars but it is a bit over priced.


We had a laugh at first, but realized after we spent too much

Dont let the pigeon make you buy this app!

Not enough value for the cost. At this price I expected to get way more content. Its really not worth $4.99. I wish I could get at least $4 of it back because at $0.99 it wouldnt feel as big of a rip off.

Fun for kids

My two kids love it. Its like mad libs but with a pigeon.

I was disappointed

I paid 6$ I only got to save 6 books and wen I was out. Spase I started crying

Wont save

We love Mo. He and Eric Carle are the only reason my son reads. But we cant get this app to save a story. At the end do we say our name before or after we push the button. I will uninstall and reinstall. That is usually the answer.

Decent but wheres the reading?

Its good though a bit overpriced. We thought it would at least come with some more stories. However, the biggest issue is that kids can not turn off sound and read along... No words on the page! If you can update with maybe a couple more stories and add text they can read with... We have a 5 star educational and entertaining app. Heres hoping!

Fix This

As soon as it is installed it is blank , I just paid $ 5.00 for this app PLEASE FIX THIS !

Fun, but gets old eventually

My kids and I both love this app. Its hilarious, even though my "pigeon voice" when I read the books sounds nothing like Mo Willems. The only complaint I have is that it only has one template for the story. You fill in the blanks, but its like playing the same Mad Libs sheet over and over and over again. Eventually it gets old. Still, this is a great buy for fans of he books. My kids love it.

Now we want more!

This was (and is) such an amazing app...please update and add more books! (The Elephant and Piggie series would be a great place to start!)

Wonderful! Update, please!

My daughter loves Pigeon, so please add more Mo Willems books! Elephant and Piggie and Knuffle Bunny would be awesome. Thanks!

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